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“I wanna lose myself in the Scottish highlands, the West coast of Ireland, the Cornish breeze”


Mike Rosenberg, aka Passenger
from ‘ Young as the Morning & Old as the Sea’

What is Native Wanderer?

Native Wanderer is a journal of mindful photography of places ( both near & far), of nature, buildings and food that all help tell the story of a place we visit or even of the places we spend our days

Exploring & travel should not just about how many places you can visit but about how much you can really experience and understand a place.

Photography can help us discover more about a place by slowing us down and helping us take note of what we see.

In this blog we will explore many places from urban spaces to countryside & seashores as well as discuss ways to find space in our busy lives to create a mindful photography practice.

There is ONE rule, dont wait for your next big yearly holiday or perfect weather to slow down, to explore and use your camera.  Whether you live in a city or the countryside, the canvas to work on is there & can be explored on your lunch break, on your walk home or at the weekends.

You will soon start to see joy and beauty in the places you pass everyday….

Work With Me

Social Media Photography

I can help you build visual content for your social media accounts. I can spend time in your business, build a portfolio of images that you can use to build your brands story online.

Photography for Creativity Workshops

If you would like to explore photography for mindful practice, photography for creative practice, still life and food styling, flower photography,  I can offer 1-2-1 or group workshops.


Photography for Small Business Workshops

I can teach 1-2-1 and group workshops on photography for small businesses who want to learn or improve their photography with smartphones and Dslr for social media sharing of their business.

Stock Photography & Social Media Templates

Photography and social media can be overwheming for most of us. That is why we decided to create a small store of stock photos and templates to help you share more online

a few of

our favorites
Travel Notes
Tips for Holidaying in Venice with Kids

Tips for Holidaying in Venice with Kids

Venice is one of those special destinations but is it really somewhere to take the kids? Venice is full of charm, beauty and uniqueness that can appeal to all, even kids. We took our kids on a camp site holiday on the Adriatic coast and decided  we had to bring the...

What is Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way?

What is Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way?

The term Wild Atlantic Way seemed to come out of nowhere. I have lived in Ireland all my life and one day, it just appeared. And now that its here I understand why! The Wild Atlantic Way is  the name for an Irish road trip along the west coast of Ireland. Its a drive...

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Native Wanderer
Native Wanderer is a photographic journal visually telling the stories of places, spaces, nature,architecture& food in our busy lives. The aim is to encourage everyone to be mindful using photography as a means of slowing down and noticing the world around us.
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