The term Wild Atlantic Way seemed to come out of nowhere. I have lived in Ireland all my life and one day, it just appeared.

And now that its here I understand why!

The Wild Atlantic Way is  the name for an Irish road trip along the west coast of Ireland. Its a drive that is hard to match.

Ireland, being an island nation has a vast coastline  and the west coast from north to south meets the wilds of the Atlantic Ocean. This rough and rugged Atlantic drive covers over 2500 km of coast and spans 7 counties. So it is deserving of its name- The Wild Atlantic Way.

That is a pretty long road trip considering the size of Ireland compared to countries known for the great road trips like the USA and Route 66 and of course Australia’s many famous coastal routes.

So where is it exactly?

It runs the whole western sea board from Donegal in the north  to Cork in the South. 2500KM or so!

Where do I start my Wild Atlantic Way road trip?

The route can vary depending on where you want to start and end or if you are an international visitor then it can depend on which airport you fly into. Its totally up to you and we plan to have heaps more posts on the Wild Atlantic Way coming soon to help you decide on what where you want to go.

Tip# Remember when you are planing your journey, be aware that this road trip is more than saying ‘we will cover so many miles a day’ as its not possible to drive for 100’s of  miles without seeing something interesting or somewhere spectacular that draws you to a stop. There are no motorways or highways to veer off in order to speed up the trip. This a real roadtrip that is worth every mile.

Where do i find out more about The Wild Atlantic Way?

Native Wanderer will do a series of Wild Atlantic Way blog posts that will help you on your journey but for now why not visit the following websites to explore for now

* Wild Atlantic Way Website

* strattera and weight” target=”_blank”>Discover Ireland

Tell us what you would like to know about the Wild Atlantic Way?
Have you been? What do you recommend?

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